458. Once, a muggleborn refused to go to Hogwarts because he/she would not leave their muggle friends. Letters arrived all summer and the last just said “Congratulations, you were sorted as a true Hufflepuff”.

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405. A couple of muggleborns know a pureblood fox animagus and continuously follow them around asking “What does the fox say?”. The pureblood does not get it and makes an actual fox noise at them, but the muggleborns just shake their heads and go “hattie hattie hattie ho!” and the pureblood is just confused.

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399. Purebloods and halfbloods getting used to filling in muggleborns on creatures they take for granted like gnomes and grindylows until one DADA class they turn to explain what vampires are but the muggleborns are already answering questions about crosses and stakes and sunlight and siring. The references for their homework essay that week are just a list of Joss Whedon, Bram Stoker, Anne Rice etc. One girl’s a Twilight fan and is shocked to get the lowest mark. Similarly, in higher years learning about inferi and possession and hauntings, all the purebloods get really freaked out but any muggleborn horror movie fans take it all in their stride and seem to even have fun. “Is it enough to cut off their heads? Should we completely dismember them?” “Is there like a chainsaw spell or shall I use an actual chainsaw?” “Is there an evil book? There’s usually a book.” “Get a priest in, but spoiler warning, they’ll probably die.” Everyone else just stares at them, terrified.

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378. A muggleborn with a swearing problem comes into the school, and the story ends with a high-class pureblood addressing their ‘nemesis’ as, “Listen here, you bitch-ass motherfucker.”

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358. Several purebloods try in vain to master the “Parkour” curse and are very confused when it doesn’t result in bodies being flung against walls and over furniture.

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320. Magic America, same as muggle America, differs greatly from region to region in law, custom, and culture. In some, a muggleborn is notified in secret, to protect them from religiously fanatical parents. And what happens also differs, depending where you are. Some have to decide for themselves if they will run away, or try to pass off a lie supplied by the school of a secret muggle boarding school. …or some…are abducted.

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291. A small group of muggleborns are determined to figure out the chemistry of potions. Mysterious bangs and smoke have been reported to heads of houses, along with yells of “HOW THE HELL DID MENDELEEV FIGURE OUT ELEMENTAL ORGANIZATION WHEN WE CAN’T EVEN FIND OUT WHY A NEWT MAKES THE POTION ORANGE DAMMIT WE HAVE MAGIC”

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286. Muggle born students getting into trouble for doing randomly dangerous things “for the vine”. Confused teachers then believe “the vine” is some sort of new dark magic.

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278. A muggleborn student dresses up as Gandalf right before a sibling’s exam and shouts “You shall not pass!”. A teacher sees this and mistakes it for the student making fun of Dumbledore. The student has to go up and explain it to him, and Albus can’t stop laughing.

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250. Filch hates the student population even more now, because 1) he still hasn’t found that bloody map, but he has suspicions about who may or may not have it, and 2) every year on a random day, the muggle-borns stage a magic-free paintball war, the results of which are staggering messes comparable only to the Weasley swamp that one time, and nobody can stop it because the entire school has gotten in on it.

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187. Muggleborns hiding Furbies in purebloods’ beds to scare the bejeezus out of them.

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154. Once, during a Quidditch match, a player who was really high up got hit by the bludger, falling off of their broom and plummeting towards the ground. As they fell, a group of muggleborn students sang Free Fallin’. Another group Sang Skyfall. Another Sang Sugar, We’re Goin’ Down. It sounded horrible.

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147. Many students have been caught doing dangerous and foolhardy tasks. When asked for why, they would all say because they were dared to do so, with the promise of a klondike bar.

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97. Once, a muggleborn who is particularly internet-obsessed passed a Slytherin friend the day after they got their green tie and sang out to them “Green is not a creative colour~”

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114. A group of Muggleborns that are fans of “Avatar: the Last Airbender”/ “The Legend of Korra” are ecstatic when they learn of the different Houses and their different aesthetic ties to the four elements (Gryffindor to fire, Slytherin to water, etc.), to the point of whispering, “Water Triiiibe….” whenever any Slytherin students enters or exits a room.

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